All The Answers Graduates Need Today

Attention New Graduates

As I begin this article on business I will stick to business this time (maybe).  No wandering, making you try to figure out what does this have to do with business since this is a business opportunity webpage or what does it have to do with new 2017 graduates.   To set it up I’ll fill you in on some background after my graduation in 1970.  There is a lot of details left out on purpose.  So here goes my after graduation story:

After Graduation From High School

When I was fresh out of high school and for a couple years after graduation  I didn’t like the way my dad talked to me since I was now an adult with loads of answers to life.  His way didn’t suit me so I said good bye and am going to teach him a lesson.  So, I joined the Army because working in a factory wasn’t my cup of tea.  I tried the real job lifestyle dad was so proud of several times  but it was not my way but it was his.

I learned a lot in the army.  We got along fine too because I had already learned discipline and it was not that difficult for me to follow orders and get promoted really fast.  I was away for 3 years and thought I had it made again.  Shortly after going home to check on the situation there the government called to see if I’d consider working for them doing my old Army job.  The call came at a good time because dad was still not learning very fast so I packed up wife, one child and we went overseas again.  That ought to be the lesson dad needed to learn because this time three of us left the states.

That duty was called on account of several factors and number one was I learned that the government doesn’t always tell the truth nor back you when things happen to your family. So, to teach “them” a lesson  I went  home with two kids.  Home being the same town I’d grown up in just a couple blocks from the old home.  Do you know in all that time I was gone and all my new experiences in the Army, government work, new family etc. I came home and dad hadn’t learned anything all the while I was gone?  Continue reading


What If We Were Friends?

“What If” We Were Friends?

Just about every day, and occasionally on a sleepless night I think of the “what if” game. Such as, a couple weeks ago I thought “what if I died– would I have enough friends in my friends list for pall bearers”?  I”m not usually morbid and normally think my what if’s as a hindsight thing or success thing.  That morbid thought came shortly after the answer to my first “success” thought – “what if I could get good enough on the guitar and singing could I have a crowd as big as a Garth Brook’s concert”?

Anyway, not just my Facebook (FB) friends because some are not on FB. So, being close to 65 I thought I should get started on the six pall bearers normally needed for an average size guy.  I started out renewing old friendships to friending my new acquaintances.

I found that FB only allows you 5000 friends.  How can you say 5000 is enough for a list of friends?

I mean you can never have enough but it was a number to shoot for and discovered there actually are people who really have that many.  I thought everyone was a friend until they did something to get off the friend list or uninvited to be my pall bearer.

Then I found out FB only allows a person to send out 20 requests a day.  If you send out more than that you could get banned from FB for a while.  When I find an old friend / acquaintance they may have set their friend privacy setting so only they could see their friend list and all I couldn’t see was if we had any mutual friends.  Why would you keep your friends list secret unless you had some unruly embarrassing ones besides me. Continue reading


Why You Should Consider Network Marketing

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing MLM

What do you think of when you hear the word Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).  Chances are you or someone you know got involved in it once and a story comes to mind about pyramid schemes, scams etc.

If they are illegal how come there are still so many out there to choose from or try to avoid.  Maybe you think well they can do it but they won’t get me into it.  Those that did get in an MLM business get a variety of comments to discourage or kill a dream.  Comments that kill a dream such as “I can find the same thing online cheaper”.?  or this one that still gripes me- “why don’t you get a real job” or “it’s a good thing your wife has a real job”.  There are other comments from “well meaning” relatives.

Okay the purpose is not to discourage but to encourage you.   You know the big names in MLM.  They have been around a long time, making excellent products, pay out big piles of cash to those who were tough.  The one success ideal that most at the top have was not that they knew a lot of people but that they genuinely want people to get the best out of life.

To get the best for the people they meet they offer an excellent product that works.  Who wants one that doesn’t?  A business isn’t in business long if the product stinks.  They want a person to succeed maybe almost more than the person they are talking to wanting to succeed.   Continue reading