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Attention New Graduates

As I begin this article on business I will stick to business this time (maybe).  No wandering, making you try to figure out what does this have to do with business since this is a business opportunity webpage or what does it have to do with new 2017 graduates.   To set it up I’ll fill you in on some background after my graduation in 1970.  There is a lot of details left out on purpose.  So here goes my after graduation story:

After Graduation From High School

When I was fresh out of high school and for a couple years after graduation  I didn’t like the way my dad talked to me since I was now an adult with loads of answers to life.  His way didn’t suit me so I said good bye and am going to teach him a lesson.  So, I joined the Army because working in a factory wasn’t my cup of tea.  I tried the real job lifestyle dad was so proud of several times  but it was not my way but it was his.

I learned a lot in the army.  We got along fine too because I had already learned discipline and it was not that difficult for me to follow orders and get promoted really fast.  I was away for 3 years and thought I had it made again.  Shortly after going home to check on the situation there the government called to see if I’d consider working for them doing my old Army job.  The call came at a good time because dad was still not learning very fast so I packed up wife, one child and we went overseas again.  That ought to be the lesson dad needed to learn because this time three of us left the states.

That duty was called on account of several factors and number one was I learned that the government doesn’t always tell the truth nor back you when things happen to your family. So, to teach “them” a lesson  I went  home with two kids.  Home being the same town I’d grown up in just a couple blocks from the old home.  Do you know in all that time I was gone and all my new experiences in the Army, government work, new family etc. I came home and dad hadn’t learned anything all the while I was gone? 

Being an ex-service man who had sergeant capabilities it was my duty to teach dad another lesson and picked up everyone (minus the wife who was unteachable) to move away out of state.  That’s the way I remember it but I am almost 65 so it could be a tad fuzzy there. 🙂

Fast Forward a Few Decades (all graduates do eventually)

Now I spend my free time driving across the state line around the old hometown looking to see if anyone is there, but,  nothing is like it used to be.  It isn’t home anymore.  The home here out of state isn’t home anymore because the kids moved away for greener pastures or possibly to teach me a lesson. They don’t come driving around to see if anything remains the same yet because they live too far away.  I can look in the mirror and tell nothing is the same, there’s no home, no youthful appearance etc.  However, don’t the mind seem to work overtime wandering to happier carefree days when dad was in charge, mom was at home (in the kitchen) and I could come and go as I please driving around dreaming of a fancier life where people couldn’t dictate my attitude by their actions and word choices and tones.

What Does That Have To Do With Business?

What does all that have to do with business or even with brand new graduates?  Well, I would say maybe nothing and again maybe everything.  Am I unsure or is it that I don’t know?  What I do know is that there’s no one around for me to bounce ideas off and the old places have disappeared.  Worst of all nothing is the same anymore and I can’t ask dad what he thinks.

Do you want to know what I think?  Here goes anyway – if college isn’t your cup of tea and you want to work for what you are worth join a network marketing company.  Start by looking here to see if mine is what you want Network marketing isn’t for everyone either.  If  it is what you want you can reach me here :  If not go to college get a degree and a job to trade hours for what they will tell you you’re worth.


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