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There is an article written by Max Lucado that this Opinion page is for.  The opinion is my response to his article.  If you would like to read his article it is here: https://maxlucado.com/decency-for-president/

Decency In Politics

What is decent in our generation is unwanted and archaic in the next generations.  Being decent in my culture in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s equals the TV shows showing characters that were decent such as – Ward & June Cleaver in Leave it to Beaver,  Robert Young in Father Knows Best, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger up to Gilligan.

Gilligan was a decent, honest, trustworthy character but was a bungler with tasks and not to be trusted to get any job done.  Mr. Howell could get the job done but was considered untrustworthy because he was super rich.

The next generations the hippies were not decent by my parents standards.  No one wanted a hippie at home but all the young people wanted to be with the “in crowd”.  They didn’t trust the establishment (decent, law abiding bland vanilla L7 “squares”).  Sort of like the James Dean hoodlums in Rebel Without A Cause.  I think the likeable character Fonzie was patterned after him.

What caused some of  the hippie hoodlum Fonzie types?  Mom no longer was a stay at home mom (June Cleaver type).  Maybe TV changed the decent culture after rock music when Archie Bunker said indecent things unheard of on TV in years prior to that show.  He had the nerve, a likeable bigot calling his son-in-law “Meathead” because he saw him as a pinko, non-working hippie or whatever with no decent job.  Some hippies were decent and got their hair cuts, served the country with honor and got spit on when they got home and were given the finger by employers who offered them no decent jobs if any at all because Viet Nam vets were not to be trusted.

Somewhere along the way the society changed to an anything goes type and\, moms were raising “free spirits”, dad was absent, unimportant, or a Gilligan because he was a man.  One dictionary definition of decent I saw was, “conforming to the recognized standard of propriety, good taste, modesty, etc., as in behavior or speech, polite, moral, and honest also respectable, worthy”.

Mike Huckabee was all of that and got no where because the culture of today though angry wants someone to use force to get things done. One definition I saw said “good enough, but not the best, adequate or acceptable”.

Trump may not be the Pope’s choice or Max Lucado’s  but the Pope can’t vote here anyway/  But, he does does influence those who can by questioning Trumps Christianity building a wall instead of bridges.  Trump doesn’t fit the mold of what’s decent to some because he repeats today’s culture .  Of course he isn’t perfect but adequate and certainly good enough to clean out the White House & their policies being shoved down the throats of Americans.  The church has a lot of people and all of them are not perfect but none of them are running for office.  There is a story in the Bible about decent folks being invited to take the best seats while the indecent poor were told to go sit in the back.

From the first debate to the last one, everyone on the stage including the cameraman are judged more decent, more moral, more trustworthy than the current occupants of public owned housing called the White House have shown over the past 7+ yrs.   Can you name a decent thing that happened in the last 7+ years”   No one warns about the socialism, communism of the democrat choices and how scary that would be to the United States if the policies were continued.  No one seems at all concerned that the democrats offer or let’s say force on the rest of us their values of abortion, same sex marriage, socialized medicine, confiscatory taxation and the list goes on of things that were unspoken of and indecent back in the good old days.

If we are producing indecent political candidates what does that say about the producers or parents. The upstanding decent ones don’t stand a chance because of no money, no support & are joked about for being “decent, Christian, etc”.  What about supporters of Trump?   Does Trump by indecent example make supporters indecent since our culture has changed in 50+ years?

I wish things were as they were back in the “good old days” of decency like the Mickey Mouse Club, but as they say “time marches on”.  We have to answer for what we do and as Jiminy Cricket said “let your conscience be your guide”.  By the way the voice of Jiminy was Hal Smith better known as Otis Campbell the town drunk on the Andy Griffith show.  Everyone liked Otis but wouldn’t vote for him for anything because he, well, let’s say he was under the weather usually and Aunt Bee did pray for him so much.  Good old Reverend Tucker couldn’t make him decent either relegating him to the back row.

Besides, if for no other reason, look at all the “decent” ones who swear they will pack up and leave the U.S. like Al Sharpton, Kanye West and many others if Trump or a republican wins.  Since no perfect person is running for president, is there one that is good enough / adequate and capable to get the job done?