Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Whatever happened to the buggy whip companies and why did they go out of business.  There may be a small market for buggy whips but nothing like it was before the automobile industry came along.  I’m sure cowboys thought their lifestyle would go on and on.  I guess they should have been doing a better business plan and kept up with the times.

So moving along maybe I should drop some of the cowboy references in my writings.  I grew up on the old cowboy shows so it is hard for me to grow out of that.  In a previous article I wrote “Branding – The Cowboy Way of Internet Marketing”, I thought I had a good handle on the transition from cowboy to cyberspace cowboys.

This is an upgrade to that article.  Let’s  throw out the buggy whips to focus mostly on internet marketing or affiliate marketing in this article.  It doesn’t mean when I dress up to go to church I’ll wear regular shoes instead of cowboy boots.  It makes them wonder if I also am “CC” (concealed carry).

Let’s talk about the reference to “CC”. Isn’t that what affiliate links are.  The link points the potential buyer to a cyber store someplace.  The concealed part in the link is the code saying who sent the potential buyer to the cyber store.  In that article on branding I have a disabled link for an old website. I spent some cash for that site getting a professional set-up that looked good but didn’t work very well in sales.

I dropped the website and kept the grocery store that you can access here if you’d care to.  The store did make some affiliate earnings but not like I envisioned it would considering the time and money spent on the website.  With so little return it made me wish I’d saved my money on the website.  One of those shiny objects you hear about that made me no money.  Next!!

That’s about all I can say for the subject of affiliate marketing.  I’m still going to keep trying and eventually it may pay off.  My dad would have said why don’t you get a real job where you get dirty working and sweating and quit this silliness.  I will when the economy forces us back to buggy whips so the horses can pull our vehicles around.  Besides putting my name out there on these articles does make me sweat and so far haven’t gotten dirty like some do.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I’m checking out new sources and business planning you may like so keep checking my stores.

I also will learn to start planning a bit better than what I have done.  The old saying measure twice cut once seems to fit.  My advice is plan first, check the plan then execute the plan.  Our proven planning system and exciting new designs will give you a fresh start Shop now by clicking the link or the graphic.


Survival of the Fittest

Survival of Fittest

Survival of the Fittest

The economy today as I see it has sure changed from like it was in the six (6) decades I’ve been around.

Growing up in the 50s & 60s, my mom was at home and dad worked a “real job”.  I put that in quotations because dad never liked the jobs I had and should have worked a job like he did.  My jobs that I liked were playing records on the radio and  that was the one he kept telling me I needed to get a real job.  It did become necessary because back then radio D.J.’s didn’t make diddly and feeding boys on diddly, well let’s say it didn’t work so well.

There are some real jobs in my background as well as some that didn’t work out so well.  Working in a foundry for General Motors was the worst next to a steel mill as for hard work.  I take that back, working for the state of Illinois having to play by the rules was the worst.  The pay was good but office politics and having to keep my mouth shut when all along I wanted to rip in to them didn’t work either.  Keeping my mouth shut was real hard and a job that made me sweat.

All that to say working for myself has it’s ups and downs too.  There have been times I made more than my wife who has had a “real job”, the same job for 38 years, same boss etc.  Being pinned to a desk all day would drive me crazy (crazier) but she puts up with it better than I could.  The dog and I are grateful and enjoy the groceries.

Working out of the home (sold office building), is best for me but has it’s drawbacks too.  I get comments like “well it’s a good thing your wife has a “real job””, or “I see your pickup truck is in the driveway, can I borrow it to haul some dirt”?  Those two comments would cause me a bunch of grief.

What does that have to do with the economy today?  Better yet what does my story have to do with what you want out of life?  Mom wrote several books but she never wrote one to tell me how to handle life after she was gone.  If I had been a better student I would have taken notes through life. Dad had a way of saying things that stuck with me.  Both of them had a way of making things stick with me too if I misbehaved.

One thing both did that stuck with me was, if you want something work for it and earn it. We didn’t have much as kids, but we had a home, food, clothes and a safe place to play.  We also had jobs to do at home and to earn money.  The only allowance we got was if we lost a tooth and we believed in the
tooth fairy for a long time to get a dime.  I should have saved those dimes because they were silver not clad.

To sum it all up in one picture because a picture is worth a thousand words I’ve heard.  Even though DONT-WISH-FOR-IT-WORK-FOR-Ithis picture of a t-shirt is for weight lifting it has a message for the politicians who shove laws down the throats of businesses forcing them out of business such as what is known as Obamacare.  My political stand for the day since as of 2016 a lot of businesses will have to make a stand too, whether to stay in or go out of business because of it.

Anyway, the t-shirt says it all I think.  What do you think?  Sign up for the newsletter, follow me on Facebook for Jeff Bush Promotions etc. and let me know.  If it doesn’t pertain and I think you are trolling me I can handle it.

I found a few more t-shirts pertaining to work in case you like the one pictured or you want to search for some others.  I saw some about going to work so the dog can have a better life.  I’m sure there are some for cat lovers too or working to support your hobby.  The economy for 2016 has me worried so I think t-shirt sales ideas would make dad say “I told you so” or get a “real job and quit the “business ideas”.

Do what you can and be happy if you can.  The links go to my store where I make an affiliate check if you buy.  It is a dog eat dog world and I heard it is a survival of the fittest.