House Cleaning 101

What a day!! I’ve paced around, looked at it from all directions and decided it was time to put the wooden stake in it like it was Dracula.

Internet Marketing is a way to work your hobby, hopefully to make a bit of money to go along with it if not exceed current income sources. Well, driving the wooden stake (“appropriate terminology”) in this month is the second site to bite the dust out of several websites I own. The first one was and it died last month in favor of bushpromotions.

The domain name came up for renewal and since my gardening skills was next to last in my list of talents I decided to let it go.  I think last is reserved for something else yet to come but my gardening “ranked” or “reeked” so to speak.   It was fun but unprofitable.  I used to be a radio DJ too and that was really a fun job while it lasted, but raising a couple of boys that were healthy eaters back then made radio an unprofitable but fun job.

I’m keeping this site because it is where I buy my email program that doesn’t fail (knock on wood).  One email (free kind that everyone uses) is really a pain and dies for reasons unknown occasionally.  I’m cleaning house so if it is unprofitable, unhealthy, makes me yell it will disappear.  Stand by cable and phone your day is coming sooner than you think.  I’m the last guy without a cell phone too. Continue reading


Branding – The Cowboy Way of Internet Marketing

There was a dog cartoon that I watched when I was a kid that one dog character pranced around asking “which way did he go George, which way did he go”.   I sure miss the old cartoons.   There’s nothing to compare to the old shows now.   It’s the same in business now as well… the local stores have been bought out or just faded off into the sunset because big box stores, malls and the internet made it so the little guy couldn’t compete with them or made it extra difficult to compete.

I should have lamented about the lack of good cowboy shows today as well because I’m going to talkBranding - Internet Marketing about branding.   Not the brand the steers rear end kind of branding but branding your business.  Okay, so mom and pop the neighborhood shop has drifted into the oblivion badlands.  Just a little cowboy lingo will be sprinkled throughout so I can understand the branding of today.  How do they compete so they don’t lose the ranch? There’s not much business being done today with a handshake because the internet crowd is sort of nameless and faceless.  The domain isn’t where the buffalo roam but in cyberspace.

I have several domains trying to compete with the biggies out there to make a check.  This is one of them and I’ve branded it with my last name which means nothing to anyone on the ranch surface but in cyberspace could appear as a giant box store if I brand it right. Continue reading


Tips to Save Money on Accounting and Bookkeeping Costs

Save Money on Accounting and Bookkeeping Costs for Your Business

When I first started my business it was a snap to do it myself and not hire anyone because in the beginning there was no money to hire.  There was no money most of the time for me either.  I felt like a haberdashery (hat store) with all the hats I was wearing.

Did you do that too when you got started in your own business?  To save a buck here and there and PennyPinchnot have employee problems you just do all of the work yourself to save money and increase the bottom line.   It works fine for a bit but eventually there’s not enough  time to pay attention to all of the details,  such as managing your bookkeeping and accounting software tasks, and yet still grow your business.

At the point when you arrive there it will be necessary to hire those who can take over some of the menial tasks.   While they are still being printed you can look in your local telephone directory and see listings for accounting firms or task masters that handle those chores like taxes and finances.

It is hard for beginning businesses to hire because of fees.  Outside expenses and overhead are costs that can be controlled.  It just might make it easier if a part or full time employee is hired (or in my case married a bookkeeper) to do your bookkeeping and accounting for you less expensive. Continue reading