The Good Old Days and Common Sense

There are days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed. A repeat order came in of which I was Rigamaroleglad because it is a simple click of the button now and then click another one to send a bill after their order delivers. But — nooooo!!! Here’s what happened next that had me wishing for the good old days again…..

A little history of what it was like in what people my age call the good old days. When I was a kid my grandparents on both sides of the family had a mom and pop store / gas station. One fuel pump had premium octane gasoline or what was more commonly known as ”Ethyl”. The other was called Regular (leaded) gas which by the way was before unleaded gas was invented. The owners of any station back then would come out and pump the gas for you, check the oil and put water in the radiator. Continue reading


The “Real Job”- Internet Marketing

Has anyone in your lifetime ever said to you “why don’t you get a real job“?

Possibly no one has ever said that to you but I was asked that or rather sniffed at because my job at the time didn’t meet their standards of a real job. Their real job meant, go to a factory preferably unionized, work on a production line on rotating shifts and walk picket lines when you want more money or benefits and retire when you are too pooped to continue. Life was great for him doing that but it was not my idea of life.

So, what is my idea?  I grew up during the hippie times – love child or flower child times.  You know the good times rock and roll, Yazgur’s farm, Woodstock and Viet Nam.  Continue reading


How To Ideas for Keys to Online Success

It doesn’t seem possible that I have been here 60 years.  Through all those years I have received some “sage” advice from friends, relatives, teachers, and others.  Then, if you are anything like me you probably bought a lot of advice too. 

I like to learn stuff and for the past few years have learned how to put together websites and actually doing some html code too.  Why would I want to do that?  Maybe, the better question would be why do you want to learn new things? 

Of course we all see people that know everything about technological stuff especially the kids today seem to be born with an inner knowledge of how to do anything techie.  Who wants their grandkids to be their guru of sorts to point out how out of date or inadequate our abilities are where technology is concerned? Continue reading