The Fun Stuff – Promotional Products and Commercial Printing

As I write this, the season for Christmas planning is here.   I know, Halloween and Thanksgiving is first, but, for businesses you know it’s time.  Besides, I had a neat graphic to show for Christmas.

The business of Promotional Products and Commercial Printing came to me entirely by accident.  I saw it as an opportunity that I should try and happened to find out about it while I was selling radio advertising. 

Let me back up a little further, before I started selling radio advertising I was having fun playing records on the air and doing what I had wanted to do ever since I thought Larry Lujack or Clark Weber had it made doing that at WLS in Chicago. To me, sitting in a booth playing the Beatles, Animals, Dave Clark 5, Beach Boys and Rolling Stones records and others all day, I mean what more could a guy want.  Continue reading


Bush Promotions and Aromatherapy

Allergy Relief and MoreWhen I worked on making this site and thinking about using my name as part of the website name I wanted to do like a few other marketers I know. I want it to be the source that you don’t mind having your friends go to for information, products etc.

In our local community I once owned a franchise but no one knew the big wig name franchisor but my customers and friends do know me, the small fry person handling their information, logos and orders.  Oh and I also would be known as the problem solver when the el cheapo person would give them the runaround ignoring problems.

With that in mind one thing I was a little apprehensive about promoting and that was aromatherapy. Why apprehensive is because I thought only women or sissy men used it.  I knew I enjoyed relief when flowers and grass started coming up in the spring or when they start dying off in the fall. I found remedies that worked for me and allowed me freedoms that others suffering from allergies weren’t having. Continue reading


No Fear

What are you afraid of?  I remember back a long time ago if anyone asked me that I would’ve said just my dad.  I had good reason for that too but to keep it short, Dad, was old school, 6 ft 6 inches and could take the hide off you just looking at you for disobeying. 

Those were the good old days.  Since then I’ve had several things in life that caused fear.  For instance I think in the beginning of each job I had there was an element of fear.  When fax machines, computers and other technology took over our lives and people like me said I don’t need that to work my business it was a combination of being cheap and fearing the unknown or having to learn something new. Continue reading