What If We Were Friends?

“What If” We Were Friends?

Just about every day, and occasionally on a sleepless night I think of the “what if” game. Such as, a couple weeks ago I thought “what if I died– would I have enough friends in my friends list for pall bearers”?  I”m not usually morbid and normally think my what if’s as a hindsight thing or success thing.  That morbid thought came shortly after the answer to my first “success” thought – “what if I could get good enough on the guitar and singing could I have a crowd as big as a Garth Brook’s concert”?

Anyway, not just my Facebook (FB) friends because some are not on FB. So, being close to 65 I thought I should get started on the six pall bearers normally needed for an average size guy.  I started out renewing old friendships to friending my new acquaintances.

I found that FB only allows you 5000 friends.  How can you say 5000 is enough for a list of friends?

I mean you can never have enough but it was a number to shoot for and discovered there actually are people who really have that many.  I thought everyone was a friend until they did something to get off the friend list or uninvited to be my pall bearer.

Then I found out FB only allows a person to send out 20 requests a day.  If you send out more than that you could get banned from FB for a while.  When I find an old friend / acquaintance they may have set their friend privacy setting so only they could see their friend list and all I couldn’t see was if we had any mutual friends.  Why would you keep your friends list secret unless you had some unruly embarrassing ones besides me.

I think the worst time playing was when I thought “what if I had stopped by so and so’s house yesterday or called them to see how they were or if they would like to go get a cup of coffee”?   Instead, I waited because I played that other “game of life” thinking they are too busy or wouldn’t want to be bothered.  I thought of it as a “game of life” but their obituary suddenly appeared.  Now it’s too late and one more friend got added to my already too lengthy deceased old friend list.

What Does It Have to Do With Business?

I am writing this on my business web page.  Maybe you are wondering what this has to do with business.   I think it has a lot written in between the lines, such as the “what if” game played in the mind’s eye to imagine if you actually worked the MLM game as a business instead of a hobby then what if and you fill in that blank what your imagination sees.  So, use your imagination to picture your desired purpose in MLM and surround yourself with imaginary or real friends.  You could imagine they really do want you to come by or call for a cup of coffee or be invited to your wonderful opportunity.

Social Media

Written in the message above are the benefits and limitations of social media.  It is hard to keep up with all the social media avenues.  You can do business there but it really boils down to old time belly to belly meeting with the prospects or in this case friends. They can be friends but unless you stop by and refresh their memory you might get forgotten or in the case above they left the scene.

Your Story is Your Business

Wiser people than me are writing articles on doing MLM today.  The worst word to hear is all MLM is a scam.  No one likes to be unfriended or scammed or spammed for that matter.  A good friend doesn’t do anything to break the trust of a friend and doesn’t try to sell them a pile of hooey.   In other words don’t make claims that are shady or sketchy. If you haven’t been in the business long enough to have a monetary success story, tell why you like your company.  What is your story.?  You can talk about others success that you want to get to but what if you told your story.  It may not sound like a big deal to you but to someone wanting to hear from you it may be to them the best thing they heard  so far.

For me, break time is over, reality is really back and am wondering “what if” I got back to working my MLM business like a real business… let me know if you want to play too and check out my opportunity.. by clicking the blue letters.  I imagine a lot of you are interested in the “natural healthy revolution” by Zija.




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